JUMANGOKU matsuri (十万石祭り)

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    The Jumangoku Matsuri (十万石祭り) on October 8 in a small town of Matsushiro (松代) in Nagano Prefecture is held annually to commemerate the famous Battle of Kawanakajima where Uesugi Kenshin fought Takeda Shingen. The most famous scene of this historical battle is best depicted where Takeda Shingen parried Uesugi Kenshin's sword attacks from his horse with an iron fan. The event is held in a small open park directly in front of Matsushiro Castle where the famous Sanada Clan used to reside. The Fu Rin Ka Zan (風林火山) series by NHK was also flimed here at Matsushiro Castle.
    Arriving at the small town of Matsushiro after changing trains at a rustic station (Yashiro 屋代) chucked away with time on a Sunday morning, I arrived at Matsushiro Station which is right next to Matsushiro Castle. People were already gathering here and there with heaps of cars neatly parked outside the castle. Mobile stables were seen and huge props and equipment were all ready to be unpacked. Occasionally one could see horses being lead away to prepare for the huge event. As usual, the charm here in this secluded little town encased by mountains simply whisked my soul away...


Matsushiro Mon





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